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The Morgana Trilogy

Blood of the Fey Rise of the Fey Curse of the Fey

Legends say that, in the beginning, angels were free to roam through all planes of existence. Some chose the physical world and became so enamored with it that they could frequently be found roaming about in nature and interacting with its inhabitants. But when the War broke out, and the Fallen Ones were cast for ever out of Heaven, these angels found that they'd been locked out of Paradise as well.

Not evil enough to be sent to Hell, they were forced to spend their nearly eternal lives on Earth, where they became known as the Fey People. But living with near-unlimited powers amongst mortals brought about inevitable abuse and subsequent retribution from those they had oppressed.

The Fey saw their fortunes reversed, and their dominion gradually diminished until only one place was left for them to escape to—Avalon.

For the Fey, only a completely selfless and noble act could change their fate...

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