New Picture Book Series

Mighty Pax’s Misadventures

Written & Illustrated by Alessa

Meet Pax, the rambunctious French bulldog with a heart of gold.

Pax loves: his friends, playing in the snow, sleeping between Mom and Alice, playing with his toys, and getting handfed.
Pax doesn’t like: walking when it’s pouring outside, big angry noises, stairs (but he does like to be carried up and down stairs!).
Discover more about Pax and his friends as he goes on many adventures!

A Christmas Tail

Enter the world of Mighty Pax, the French bulldog, as he makes new friends and learns from his many misadventures.

Everyone deserves a home, especially at Christmas! That’s what Pax is off to prove when he finds a shivering kitten on his back patio. But what is a real home anyway?

Thankfully, Pax is very resourceful and has lots of friends who can help him…

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Un Conte de Noël

Entrez dans le monde du vaillant Pax, le petit bouledogue français, où il se fait de nouveaux amis et apprend de ses nombreuses expériences et aventures.

Tout le monde a droit à une maison, particulièrement à Noël ! C’est ce que Pax se met en devoir de prouver quand il trouve un chaton tout tremblant sur le pas de la porte.

Mais qu’est-ce qu’une vraie maison en vérité ? Heureusement, Pax est plein de ressources et peut compter sur de nombreux amis pour l’aider…

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Virtual Visits

Bring Alessa Ellefson (and maybe even Pax!) into your school, classroom, or library.

Alessa loves making virtual visits via Skype, MS Teams, or Google Hangouts to schools, classrooms, and library groups that have read the Mighty Pax’s Misadventures books!

If you’re a teacher or librarian and your class/school/library group has been reading any of the Mighty Pax’s Misadventures books, you can request a visit by emailing Alessa.

In your request, please include your name, contact information (including your school/library), the number of students planning to attend and their grade level, your preferred virtual technology, and three possible dates and times for the visit (including your time zone).

If, due to time zone differences, a live call isn’t possible, email Alessa your questions in advance, and she’ll record a short video where she answers all of the questions.

Virtual Visits are FREE as a way of saying thank you for reading Alessa’s books. Sessions typically last 20 minutes and work best when the students come prepared with questions and then step up to the laptop/microphone/camera to ask them.

In the meantime, you can visit the Extras section for some fun activities!

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